As the lights go out all over Europe, and the dark clouds of war cast their menacing shadows across a terrified populace, a young girl embarks upon a journey, a journey from which there is no return.

"Escape from Madness" reveals the depths of man's inhumanity and the gross disposal of a lost generation. But all is not as it seems, as patients in a state mental institution are left shocked by the grim reality that is finally revealed in a twilight world of Gothic images, triumph over death, and the destruction of an edifice that will live in the annals of infamy!

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From the dark Gothic dungeons of Himmler’s castle, to the medical atrocities of Dachau Concentration Camp, this touching and emotive film reveals the courage of those facing adversity.

Inspired by true events, this shocking film tells the story of a young girl Elsa, who is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Elsa is forcibly parted from her father during the war, taken to safety and placed as a Nanny to a Medical Superintendent’s three children.

In a desperate attempt to escape she forges a relationship with the Superintendent. What she doesn’t know is that the nightmare has only just begun and through a series of flashbacks she relives the horrors of seeing her father murdered in cold blood.

All is not what it seems as she fights for her freedom.

Only two things stand in her way, her state of mind and the institution.

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Director's Statement

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  • Peter J Everett

    For twenty years I had the same recurring nightmare. I was walking along the side of a wall which was a part of a Castle belonging to the Renaissance period. Beside me was a man dressed in the uniform of the Waffen SS. He removed a brick in the wall and removed a key which he used to unlock a large studded door.

    We entered the door and walked up spiral stone steps into a Post Mortem room. A second set of steps gave access to a luxurious carpeted corridor with shag pile carpets and chandeliers. The walls were adorned with Oil paintings of the old masters, and groups of white coated Doctors were huddled in conversation.

I am a firm believer in re-incarnation, and I started to research my dream. My starting point was Wewelsburg Castle, the home of Adolph Hitler’s right hand man, Heinrich Himmler.

Himmler believed that the war could be won by using occultism and black magic. The castle had a secret cellar where the ashes of German Generals were buried, reminiscent of old Arthurian legends. But, unlike Knights Templar, I was not seeking the Holy Grail, but connections to my nightmare.

Research eventually drew me to the horrors of the holocaust and the suffering of millions of Jews, whose only crime was to live under Hitler’s evil domain.

Many films have dealt with Concentration Camps, but none have thus far revealed the horrors of medical experimentation which cost thousands of innocents their lives.

The search for an answer to my nightmare continues, and perhaps I will never find a solution, but the one thing that haunts me is if I was re-incarnated which side of the wire did I belong to?